In the ever changing area of health care finance, organizations are often faced with times that require more experienced resources than currently on staff.  This may be the result of the loss of a key employee, a special project needing experienced financial support, such as the implementation of a new software system, or the conversion of an existing system. Typically, this results in one of three approaches to solving this need for additional support:


·        Staff works overtime resulting in job fatigue, and burnout, and turnover;

·        Outside assistance is provided by large consulting firm, often utilizing inexperienced staff

·        The work gets completed in an inferior manner.


M Nelson Consulting, Inc has been formed to provide a fourth option.  Mike Nelson, the President of M Nelson Consulting, has over 30 years of experience over a wide range of the financial aspects of health care.  His experience includes extensive work in reimbursement, revenue cycle, cost accounting, budgeting, and productivity systems.  He has been in various leadership positions at both for profit and not for profit organizations. 


M Nelson Consulting offers this expertise to clients needing to either complete a project with additional resources, or to serve in a management role as an interim.  The rates charged for these projects are very competitive, and are based on the type of work and the length of the project.  Though Mike is the primary consultant to be working on these projects, he has a network of associates who can assist him when needed.


In addition to the time spent working in health care organizations, Mike has spent over 15 years as an adjunct faculty, teaching Health Care Finance and Economics for the MBA program at a local university. He also has served as an adjunct faculty at other universities, teaching courses on health care finance and information systems for health care.


If there are any questions, please give Mike a call at 630 240-5241 or email him at


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